This is the page where the letters of Engelberta's descendants may be displayed.
When I have a small collection I will publish them.

The names of the living descendants can be found on the "Family Tree" page.
It is virtually impossible to find the email addresses of all those and to contact them. Therefore, if you are a descendant of Engelberta, then please click here for suggestions on how to add your contribution.

Letter from Engelberta

  I have discovered a letter from Engelberta to her aunt.
In May 2012, I was in "The Utrecht's Archive" and was allowed to take the almost 350 year old letter to a reading table and photograph it. Much to my surprise: no gloves required.

Click on the image on the left for a close-up.
I still have to decipher the letter. Not easy that olde Dutch language.

Letters to Engelberta. Click on the photo's below to read their letters.

Willem van Osnabrugge

Margaux d'Hangest d'Yvoy
More are being worked on