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  Engelberta must have seen the above panorama many times. It was painted when she was a child growing up in Utrecht. Later, when she was married to Paul and lived in Breukelen, she often visited Utrecht. What a beautiful view from the track-boat or the horse-drawn carriage.

Paul was mayor of Utrecht for 3 years. On the left is an image of the town hall from that period. That is where he worked. Click on image for more information.

Their estate :
Paul and Engelberta had a magnificent large country estate "Vrede en Rust" (Peace and Quiet), just south of the village of Breukelen on the river Vecht. It is still there.

The estate consisted of a mansion and coach-house, situated on a very large estate, including several (rental) farms. The entrance to the home was originally from the river (Vecht) side, but during the 19th century, when roads were better, the house was remodeled and the entrance was moved to the street-side.

    I was there in May 2012.
The mansion was for sale for €3,5 million (US$4.4)
I rang the front-door bell and asked the owner for a tour.

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Engelberta died at the age of 63. Paul lived another 4 years.


From the Death book of the Guardianship-chamber of Utrecht, July 28, 1716
- Lady Engelberta van Brienen, house-wife of Mr. and Dr. Paulus Voet van Winssen, old-mayor of this town and secretary of the Honorable Gents of States of this province; Left behind her husband with of-age and under-age children; in the Dom-trans, and has passed away on her estate near Breuckelen. 3 hour tolling, funeral-boards were hung, and was buried. 250 guilders. Catharine church.

N.B. 250 guilders then is worth approx. $US 20,000 now.

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