Portraits and background information on some of Engelberta's deceased decendants.

Engelberta as baby

Engelberta 22 years old
Engelberta 22 years old. Painted by Nicolaes Maes. Click here for his biography.

Fiancé Paul

Engelberta 50

Paul 52 years old

Son Cornelis

Daughter Deliana

Once more Deliana

Funeral board Deliana

Coat of arms
Jacob Carel Martens

Funeral board Jacob

Paul Engelbert Martens

Funeral board Paul E.

Aletta Lucretia M.
Runaway bride

Sterkenburg castle

David Johan Martens
David Johan Martens (1751-1811). Councilor, alderman of Utrecht from 1781-1795. University curator, churchwarden of the Buurkerk. Painted by Christiaan van Geelen Sr.
Click here for a portrait with a wig.

watercolour by David

Quarter state D.J.M.
J.J. v. Hangest d'Yvoy

Corn. van Westreenen
and older

Cornelia's manor

Jan Hendrik Martens

Funeral board Gualtherus
Cornelia v. Hangest d'Y
Cornelia Maria van Hangest Baronesse d'Yvoy (1820-1902). Lived at 'De Salentein' in Nijkerk. She was called 'the beneficent baroness' because of her generous deeds, she did for the Nijkerk community. She and her sister Anna Magdalena were board members of the Protestant School there. (Click here for a picture of her).

Cornelia's manor

Willem J. van Beek C.

Anna Digna de B.

Jan M's children.
Willem van Weede

K.A. Godin de B.

Maarsbergen castle

Hendrik Taets van Am.

A.W.van Beek Calkoen
Arnoud v. Heemstra

Cécile d'Hangest d'Y.
Cécile Johanna van Eys, barones d'Hangest d'Yvoy, born in The Hague on January 3, 1861. Court Lady and douairière of dr. Jan Constantijn Nicolaas van Eys, Lord van Lienden en Kermestein (1856-1907), ambassador in Portugal.
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Waterland manor

Hendrik van Heemstra

Ruurlo castle
Ella van Heemstra

Carel Godin de B.

Wisch castle
Wisch castle at Terborg, Gelderland
During World War Two, the German general Von Runstedt used the castle as his head quarters for a period of time. Two bombings by the Allied forces caused great damage in 1944. After the war, the Vegelin van Claerbergen family started the restoration. In 1957 a solution was found for the repairs of the main building with the round tower. It was transferred into an indefinite lease with 'Castels of Gelderland'. The rest of the complex and the surrounding land remained in the Vegelin family estate.
Click here for a photo from 1945.
Two bombings caused great damage in 1944. After the war the Vegelin van Claerbergen family started the restoration.
Click here for an aerial photograph from 1947

Max Vegelin van Cl.

WW2 tragedy
Audrey Hepburn

Ian Edgar Quarles
fortunately, the rest of this generation is still with us