Family Tree

All information on Engelberta's descendants, ancestors and relatives has been entered into a database.

There are different ways to view Engelberta's family tree.

  • First view a graphic tree with Engelberta as matriarch. It is a large page. Scroll first downwards and then from left to right. You can adjust the number of generations in the top left page. Sometimes you might see several across-families lineages, since -on at least 5 occasions- cousins from within this graph married each other.
    Click here to view. You can then click on individual names and see how they fit in the matrix.
    You can also view her ancestors' chart. Click on the "Ancestors" tab.
  • A second way is to view the all generations as text. Click here.
  • Or look up a name in our complete database of 10,000 names. Click here.

All names, dates and other pertinent information have been obtained from researching open public records, open documents and genealogical data bases on the web.

N.B. Although I am no longer actively trying to identify new descendants, I would like find the descendants of Johanna Madeleine van Malapert. Read the interesting story of this "runaway bride".
A report on the Plettenburg castle and House of Malapert lineage was published in: Gens Nostra, March 1954, No9, pp. 44-49
If anyone can obtain a copy for me, I would be very grateful.