The Van Brienen family

Family's Origin:
The Van Brienen family originally (c.1450) came from the town of Wageningen (near Arnhem). Several of Engelberta's grandfathers were majors and aldermen of Arnhem.

Engelberta was the fourth daughter of Engelbert van Brienen and Henrica Vogels.

When Engelberta was seven, another baby boy was born, which did not live long.

The Van Brienens were a noble family and therefore (according to a historic book) Engelberta came from a "very well to do" family.

Engelberta kept her maiden name when she got married. Also, in her obituary (see on the "Homes" page) she is called Engelberta van Brienen and not Engelberta Voet van Winssen.

Coat of Arms :
The Van Brienen's coat of arms was a red unicorn. This can be seen on the "funeral board" of their daughter Deliana Margareta. Click here. The crests of all four grandparents are represented. Deliana died in 1766. It was the custom for wealthy people to hang a "funeral board" of the deceased on the pillars or walls in the church for a period of time. Click here to see examples in the Pieterskerk (Peter's church) in Leiden.