After Engelberta and Paul's demise, their youngest son Cornelis Everard Voet Van Winssen (1694-1743) moved into the Vrede en Rust (Peace and Quiet) mansion.
After him, the following families lived in it:
c. 1765 Johan Augustus Zultz
before 1790 Jan Cornelis Rademaker
until 1805 Anna Arendina van Neercassel, widow of Jan Cornelis
1805 - Johanna Maria Dohr (purchased it for 9,050 guilders)
1832 - Pieter Huidekoper
1855 - 1882 Gerard Duuring (inheritance)
1883 - 1895 Willem Egberts de Jong (purchased it for 33,600 guilders)
1895 - 1919 J. De Bruyn (purchase)
1919 - 1970 Th. P. Land (purchase)

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